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The WWW consortium is organized to promote the ideas of a clean and safe planet Earth free from waste and harmful emissions into the world. Members of the consortium are companies with rich experience in the development of energy projects, who are able to use large capital for the benefit of the quality life of mankind. We conduct our legal activities on the territory of the Czech Republic - one of the most beautiful countries of the European Union, which inspires us for a beautiful and environmentally friendly future for the whole world. Our specialists cooperate with the Czech State Institute of Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Protection, the Institute of Plasma Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the Czech Technical University, the Czech University of Chemistry and Technology. Our activities are supported by the Government of the Czech Republic and the Czech branch of GREENPEACE.

FORTECO EUROPE s.r.o. www.forteco.eu
Utulna 3211/11, 100 00 Prague, Czech Republic
FORTECO EUROPE s.r.o. is responsible for landfill sanitation works including design of the sanitation, procurement including enzymes, and work on site.
BRESSON energy a.s. www.bresson-energy.com
Podbabská 1112/13, 160 00, Prague, Czech Republic
BRESSON energy a.s. is responsible for setting up the projects of Waste to Energy plants in the reclaimed landfills, Feasibility Study and Business Plans for to attract funds for the projects.
CrossCountry AG.
Alfred-Escher-Strasse 17, 8002 Zürich
CrossCountry AG. is responsible for market research and analysis in the field of enzymes for landfill sanitation works.
BRESSON capital a.s.
Podbabská 1112/13, 160 00, Praha-Bubeneč, Czech Republic
BRESSON capital a.s. is responsible for purchase of property not directly related to the performance of job e.g. IT equipment, office space, car park etc and subsequently lease to other consortium members.
Diagnostic - Eco Technologies a.s.
Říční 539/2, Mala Strana, 118 00, Prague, Czech Republic
Diagnostic - Eco Technologies a.s. is responsible for cooperation with universities and setting up a laboratory.